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John R. Hendricks (1929 - 2007) still has a website showing  Perfect & Inlaid magic tesseracts, as well as other math topics.

Aale de Winkel is compiling an Encyclopedia of magic terms, which is well worth visiting.

Christian Boyer has constructed  tetramagic and pentamagic squares. His site has much information on multimagic squares and cubes.

Mutsumi Suzuki's excellent MAGIC SQUARES is now back - hosted by  MathForum

Dwane Campbell has a comprehensive site on Perfect (Nasik, pan-2-n-agonal) magic hypercubes. He includes generator programs for these forms.

Walter Trump has several sites dealing with all aspects of magic hypercubes. He also discusses counting.

Mitsutoshi Nakamura also has a lot of material and original research on his cubes site. And an excellent page on hypercube definitions.

Craig Knecht's Topographical Magic squares are here.

Lee Sallows new page of Geomagic Squares is here.

Arie Breedjik discusses  magic square construction methods here.

Kanji Setsuda has a large site and much information on magic squares. His English pages are here.

Eric W. Weisstein's Magic Squares - part of Eric's Treasure Trove Of Math, a very comprehensive work

Francis Gaspalou has an excellent site dealing with methods and tools for enumeration of magic squares.

Magic Squares by "Grog" - theory of Pandiagonal magic squares. Also a good history of magic squares.

Suzanne Alejandre: Magic Squares - this attractive page presents magic squares as a way of teaching math

Anti-Magic Squares by John Cormie & Vaclav Linek  presents an extensive investigation of this subject.

Charles Kelly has a Java applet to generate magic squares and hypercubes.

Cambridge University has an interesting site on Secondary School Math Enrichment.

Paul C. Pasles has pages on Franklin and other OLD magic squares.

Donald Morris has an excellent new page (2005) on Franklin squares and methods of construction.

Mark Swaney has a detailed history of magic squares .

Mark Farrar's  page on magic squares includes several applets.

To see what can be done with art and magic squares, visit Paul Heimbach's Web site

Edward Gutierrez has a new site where he squares similar to associated, but with center cell containing 1/2(n2-1)

Harry White has a new site (March 2009) on Bordered Magic Squares. He has computed the number of these up to order-14.

T. N. Mahesh has an interesting website,, which promotes math enrichment for
young students. His mother, Mrs. Indira Narasinga Rao has written a book, The Magic of Magic Squares.

Robert Dickter explores the calendar, mysticism, and archaic religions in relation to the Luo Shu.

Bogdan Golunksi has reposted his page of Magic squares and it is better then ever. Unfortunately, mostly in German.

Some other sites on Mathematics

The Math Forum - The premier source on the Web for educational mathematics. All about math, for the student or hobbyist

Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics - covers a very wide range of material - a big site

Patrick De Geest's World of Numbers- is a very attractive and informative site

Carlos B. Rivera's site, Prime Puzzles and Problems,  has lots of food for thought

Mike Keith has lots of good material on interesting numbers

Keven Brown - has a great site on a variety on mathematic subjects.

Ed Pegg Jr.'s has a great sellection of puzzles and lots of recreational math links

Alexander Bogomolny's cut-the-knot large site deals with many math subjects and has almost 2000 links

Monty Phister's site at contains puzzles, games, stories, etc to promote enjoyment of mathematics

For a list of all PPDI's in bases 2 to 10, visit Dr. Lionel E. Deimel's site

Chris Caldwell has a large site dealing with Prime numbers as

G. L. Honaker, Jr 's & Chris Caldwell's Prime Curios page has many fascinating facts about individual prime #

A great mathematics site for students is

A good all-around Mathematics page with many useful links is here

Reg Brooks has a page on Patterns in Numbers which includes the geometry of DNA. Also an interesting paper on Butterfly Primes.

The World of Trotter Math parades the work of dedicated mathematics teacher Terry Trotter.

Shyam Sunder Gupta discusses RARE and EPORNS numbers (and other numbers).

Walter Schneider has an informative site dealing with digit-related-numbers.

Charles-. Jean has a good Dictionary of recreational mathematics (in French).

Peter Aleff has an excellent site and some eBooks on Prime Number Patterns at Recovered Science.

A prime spiral arranged as a circle is thoroughly discussed and illustrated at Rom Sacks

Math for Kids at is an entry point to many web sites with interesting mathematical content.

David Singmaster's source lists on Recreational Mathematics at is a gateway to at least 20 math enrichment sites. Especially useful for educators.


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